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Hey everyone. I'm Eve (or Evey), a 21-year-old residing in suburban South-Western Germany. I recently (October 2011) finished 3 years of suffering at college studying applied computer sciences and am currently working as a software developer at the company which has been my employer during my college time (long story).

My real passion, however, lies in music. I love music. Love love LOVE music. Music of all kinds of different sorts, though I guess my preference lies in the more rockish genres. (You can take a look at my to get an idea.) I like quite a couple of Japanese bands and artists, such as hide, X Japan, Dir en grey (though my relationship with them is as troubled as it is long-lasting), Gackt and all things involving Hyde. I have also fallen prey to an evil South Korean boygroup called SHINee (especially with members Jonghyun and Minho) and enjoy quite a few other South Korean artists - the king of them being Seo Taiji, the master of music. Otherwise, I have a great love for Kate Bush, Nine Inch Nails, My Chemical Romance and loads of others, really.

I also sing and play in a band with three immensely talented musicians; we're called melolagnia and you should check us out on Myspace (yeah, I know... Myspace.......) so you can say you've been a fan ever since we were still underground. ;)

I like being creative in different ways, so apart from singing, playing guitar and bass (not as much as I should) and songwriting, I also like drawing, occasionally writing and designing stuff. You get the idea.

I obsess over many things. Be prepared for that if you add me. Also, be prepared for the occasional complaining/emo entries. Or boring everyday life entries. "This is the real world and I'm just a real girl."

Also, I'm picky with my LJ friends. I love those I have a lot, but if we don't click, I'll just unadd you again.

With all that said, comment and tell me why we should give it a try. ;) - what I listen to
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Tumblr - random things that spark my interest & fangirling

[identity profile] 2009-12-19 03:46 am (UTC)(link)
lol, da check ich alle heiligen zeiten mal LJ und entdecke, dass du ein neues journal hast ^^

ich bin ab und zu hier, um sachen runterzuladen... LJ communities sind erstaunlicherweise noch immer sehr brauchbar! werd gleich auch twitter updaten gehen (bin zwar nie dort, aber ja XD)

[identity profile] 2009-12-19 10:14 am (UTC)(link)
XDDDDDD Genau zur richtigen Zeit ;) ♥

Hab gedacht du bist gar nicht mehr hier, deswegen hab ich dich nicht geadded... sorry! :(( (Außerdem dachte ich du benutzt dieses nicht mehr, du hattest ja auch ein neues...)

Stimmt aber, auf die Communities würde ich auch nicht verzichten wollen. ;)