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Birthdate:Aug 7

if you don't know me, I'm quiet, nice and polite.
if you know me a bit better, I'm understanding, fun and outgoing.
but if you really get to know me
you'll see how ugly I really can be.

I'm Eve (pronounced like "sleeve") - also often called Evey - a 22-year-old girl from South-Western Germany who makes a living as a software developer while "working" as a musician and pursuing various other creative endeavours in her free time. I was born in Poland, but raised in Germany and don't speak a word Polish. D: However, I'm rather fluent in English and my French is bearable, if slow. Bits and pieces of Spanish, Japanese and Korean complete the collection. I stand roughly 177cm tall and my hair hasn't seen its natural colour since I was 14 (it is now comfortably black and I'm desperately waiting for it to grow).

To make it short - music is my life. I enjoy both discovering new and getting lost in familiar music at almost any time. Apart from that, I'm a songwriter - even if one who is constantly battling the nightmare called writer's block. I sing (which is probably my strong point), play guitar and bass (on an okay to mediocre level). When I'm not working on any "solo stuff", I front alternative metal band Melolagnia (think Flyleaf meets Trivium with a touch of Paramore and Walls of Jericho). When I'm not involved in anything musical, I enjoy graphic design (as in website layouts, LJ icons...), drawing or writing on a purely amateurish level. I'm also trying to find the time and drive to improve my Japanese and Korean language skills. But don't let all this fool you - I'm terribly lazy and also love spending unhealthy amounts of time lazing around, watching concert DVDs or taking walks in the idyllic suburban village I call home. If I get the possibility, I also spend unhealthy amounts of money a few times a year to travel and see my favourite bands in concert.

I'm a long term fan of Dir en grey, and while the relationship has not been without trouble, I still support them with all my heart. Kaoru is my shogun. Seo Taiji is my king. Always inspired by the immortal Hideto "hide" Matsumoto. Against my own will, I have fallen for an evil Korean boy group called SHINee. Jonghyun and Minho are my most reliable source of happiness. Kate Bush is the only perfect songwriter in this world and my personal goddess. KT Tunstall is pretty much all I dream to be. When I'm 50, I want to be like Robert Smith of The Cure. "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" redefined the reading experience for me. Lisbeth Salander is my role model. I'll watch any movie with Cillian Murphy and generally consume anything Trent Reznor is involved in.

get to know me
If you want to add me, leave me a comment in my friends only entry. I won't bite! :D However, I like to keep my LJ friends list short - the LJ friends I do have are very precious to me, but if we don't click, we don't click. But if we never try, we never know, eh? ;)

You can also find me at various other places on the web: // Twitter // Tumblr

2011 in concert
2011.06.04 (SAT) - Roger Waters "The Wall" - SAP Arena, Mannheim
2011.06.25 (SAT) - Milow - Berliner Platz, Ludwigshafen am Rhein
2011.07.02 (SAT) - X JAPAN - Tivoli, Utrecht ♥♥
2011.07.23 (SAT) - Gackt - E-Werk, Köln ♥♥
2011.08.13 (SAT) - Dir en grey - Zeche, Bochum ♥♥♥

2012 in concert
2012.04.14 (SAT) - L'Arc~en~Ciel - Le Zénith, Paris

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